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About Genesis Vietnam Cruise JSC

Genesis is one of the new brands in the cruise business fields in the Gulf of Tonkin. However, it is becoming a very trusted brand that receives the love from customers in the cruise market and also demonstrates a rapid development in recent years. To get that love and development, we have to mention the Gen team that be combined by the experience of the leaders and the enthusiasm of the member along with the strategies, the methodic direction, with the orientation is focusing on customer.

Inspired by the ancient history of Vietnam, inspired by legendary Lac Long Quan, Holy Mother Au Co, about Hung Kings in the nation create, the team has always been oriented towards a concept throughout products for tourists will be always be traditional and profound national identity. Alongside that inspiration, the products will be mixed by new designs to stick the luxury as well as the most practical amenities. All target to bring a perfect holiday experience, culture learning and experience the beautiful nature of Vietnam. That is the basis for Genesis to be born and the motto of development.

About project of luxurious cruises, class Regal

The luxurious cruise project, class Regal has been approved by the Genesis Board of Directors in 2017. With the desire not only to be a purely business product, but also to provide our customers with high quality service experience with perfect combination of culture, history and landscapes. After careful research and meticulous construction, Regal Cruise number 01 was completed and officially went into trial operation on 01/2019. The first trip to serve the visitors is scheduled to take place on 01/02/2019.
Regal Cruises are a combination of great luxurious facilities and new itineraries to visit the unique new sites, along with the friendly – professional staff that promise to give customers an unforgettable experience on Halong and Lan Ha bays.
Regal cruises will have 2 units, each with 20 cabins with full facilities and luxury, features superiority to visitors when visiting Halong , Lan Ha bays.

About Regal Cruises

Regal Cruises are inspired by the classic sails of the Vietnamese, especially the boat rides for kings. Historically, in 1917, under the Nguyen Dynasty, King Khai Dinh (1885 – 1925) was traveling to Ha Long Bay on a royal junk. King Khai Dinh’s junk was one of the most magnificent ships on Ha Long Bay the day, and became the legend and dream for many generations of boatmen. By that inspiration, the designer team of Genesis has come up with the idea of ​​combining the traditional essence of the Vietnamese royal family and the neo-classical French-Indochine style. All these ideas have created cruises of high aesthetics, attached many traditional Vietnamese cultures and mixed with the luxury of Europe to create a delicate, elegant, deeply beauty.

Besides, with the knowhow about the needs and expectations of customers, in addition to standard features, the company’s design team has added the most advanced functions to increase utility as well as maximize the experience for customer. All the rooms have private balcony, sea view bath, full frame window … they are the most practical utilities that a new luxury cruise should have.

The facilities and amenities are also carefully selected and most luxurious from the traditional materials such as Bat Trang ceramic, Minh Long porcelain, Ha Dong silk, traditional brick, natural wood…that creating a space of tradition, luxury and depth as well as high aesthetics.

On the Cruise there are also decorating spaces or displays area of paintings about ancient Kings and Queens of Vietnam, paintings of traditional crafts, traditional items … historical and cultural, so that visitors can know many stories about the history, culture and people of ancient Vietnam as well as today. Mixed with the beautiful natural scenery of the Gulf of Tonkin, will create an ambience of traditional character in a wonderful nature discover journey.

We call it is story teller.

Unique itineraries with new selected destinations

Lan Lan bay is considered as the “sleeping fairy” of the Tonkin Gulf. Not as well-known as Ha Long Bay, but Lan Ha has its own wild beauty, prominent are hundreds of thousands of islands and islets in small size, to make visitors feel closely to natue than ever. In addition, unspoiled natural beaches are also the highlight of the Lan Ha bay for visitors to remember, or the dark-light cave area is the most well-known kayaking area on all three bays.
As most of Halong Bay is overloaded, a new trend for exploring the wonders is coming into the Lan Ha bay of the Cat Ba islands.
In journey on Regal cruise, visitors will have the experience never had before for cruising on the bay. The program is designed for the most balance between relaxation, sightseeing and destination exploration activities. It was in the cave kayaking paddle in Dark-light caveg, visit karst mountain caves locate in Cat Ba National park, visit the floating fishermen village, cycling in the local village … Right in the one night trip, visitors were also set foot on the island of Cat Ba, to the area of the national forest to visit Karst caves, which is a characteristic of rocky islands in Tonkin Gulf. It is also an opportunity to learn about the rare animals and plants of Cat Ba Nature Reserve.
All these activities will bring a memorable trip for travelers while cruising along the Genesis Regal.

The team

The staff of the Genesis Regal is carefully selected, skillfull with passion for the hospitality industry. All will be trained according to the Genesis process to have professional, friendly and courteous service standards. With a passion for professionalism and innovation, the Regal crew team will be perfecting and improving the quality of service to ensure that any visitor who has set foot on board. With the goal of “Please to come, happy to leave”, “comes as guest, leaves as friend’’, we will do our best to bring you memorable memories of your trip. Regal’s standard of service will be “touching the heart of the customer”, so that visitors can stay on attached after the end of each itinerary.

There will be key persons on board such as:

Captain: The person who ensures the timing as determined schedule and the absolute safety for visitors during the whole journey.

Cruise manager: the leader of the on-board service, ensuring all requirements and expectations of visitors will be done quickly and fully.

Head Chef: The person responsible for preparing meals throughout the cruise for guests. Will create the menu with the source of raw materials, clean to create delicious food, suitable for each ambience of the trip for visitors.

Bartender: The bar-head with his teammates will prepare a variety of unique beverages that will enrich your experience with the skill of blending. In addition, the talented bartender will have interesting performances as well as create many mini games on board games can give visitors a relaxing moment full of laughter while enjoying the delicious cocktail in a very romantic space on the bay.

Tour guide: who will take care of visitors from Hanoi and back, with professional English communication skills, deep knowledge of culture, history … as well as friendliness and enthusiasm in the work. It will help you to have a trusted companion during your trip.

Variety menu options by fine dining

If the image of luxury, high class or fully culture of Regal cruise will create the first impression to attract tourist, the experience of food will bring the unforgettable and holding visitor’s footsteps. With a carefully selected source of raw materials, quality assurance, authentic origin and the ingenuity and sophistication of professional chefs will surely satisfy any requirement, whether for very personal demand.

Regal cruise are well-suited for local fresh seafood, and are inspired by the most typical traditional dishes selected from over 2,500 traditional dishes of the region in Vietnam. Through talent of the Regal’s chefs, will create delicious dishes, bring the taste of local cuisine, presented in a sophisticated manner, aesthetic and formal.

The set menu, buffet … will be arranged properly in the tour schedule, to bring the highest suit for the needs of visitors in each meal.

In addition to the standard menu for each trip, the chefs are also willing to provide personal requirements such as diet, vegetarian, Halal foods … to always satisfy all visitors from many countries and culture backgrounds in the world.

Limousine shuttle service: Safe, comfortable and fast

Regal Cruise is pleased to announce the launch of its new luxury sedan, the Fuso Limousine and the Ford Limousine. These cars are reduced from 29 and 16 respectively to 17 and 8 seats for luxurious modified versions. Along with utilities such as phone charging port, DVD screen, WIFI, music, cold drinks… will create spacious and comfortable for customers. The journey is also dramatically shortened with a maximum of 1.5 hours per one due to the expressway journey in both ways.

In addition, the company maintains full time tour guides, welcome guests and care from Hanoi. Throughout the 5B highway, visitors will not only have the opportunity to admire the beautiful countryside of Vietnam on either side of the road, but also the Tour guide would love to introduce the histories or simply the daily life of local people, which gives visitors interesting information about Vietnam during the journey. It also helps the journey from Hanoi to Hai Phong shortly.

Our customer care procedures

Beside the standard in taking care of customers, Regal takes customer care to the higher level. It is always interested and ready to meet the needs and expectations of customers everywhere and anywhere. Be ready to assist the customer even if things are not within our coverage of responsibility. This is to help customers or partners completely trust and peace of mind when cooperating with Genesis.

In addition, with the strictly customer care procedures and always listen to even the smallest customer comments will help your trip with us as fully as possible, even if you have returned home. During the tour, if there are any problems, we are always willing to handle for you to have the most satisfaction and comfort.

Some final words

As the life is a journey, and the journey of thousands of miles always begins with small steps. With all the passion and love of the homeland, desires to offer visitors the most complete experience when visiting Halong Bay. Each journey with Genesis Regal not only bring satisfaction to touch the emotions of customers but also inspire the endless effort of Gen Team to create more classy service, perfect experience and indicate the private characters of Genesis.

And then, every day the Regal cruises are docked and set sailing to meet the many passengers from many countries, with different cultures and lifestyles but all barriers will be broken, only lasting the aftertaste, the rising emotions, the admiration of beautiful scenery that nature bestowed to Vietnam.

Welcome to us, “come as guest, leave as friend.” The Regal team are full of passion and love for every visitor, we always wishe to have the opportunity to serve tourists for the Halong Bay Tour, Lan Ha Bay, Cat Ba Island … With our investment, preparation and passion, we are committed to bring you unique and unforgettable experiences for you!


Genesis Regal, the perfect leisure by ultimate luxury.