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Halong International Passenger Port

Halong International Passenger Port

Owning more than 3,200 km of coastline with more than 40 seaports in operation, cruise ships currently contribute less than 3% of the total number of international visitors to Vietnam. In that context, in 2018, the commissioning of Halong International Passenger Terminal – the first specialized passenger ship port in Vietnam, is considered a big boost to this potential tourism market.

Solving the problem of developing cruise ship

The seaport system in Vietnam currently serves both the port of passenger ships and cargo ports. This leads to many times that Vietnamese tourists have to say “no” to super passenger ships when cargo ships have filled the port.

On the other hand, tourists who come to Vietnam by sea face bad experiences because they are welcomed with goods or have to increase their board to shore with tender. Development of Vietnam cruise travel, but also affect the reputation of tourist destinations

For many years, this situation has been warned and recommended by experts and representatives of major travel agencies in the country; however there is no solution because the cost of building a specialized passenger ship port is too great for many wards.  Especially at the time when the effectiveness of public investment is questioned

In this context, Quang Ninh’s pioneering mobilization of private economic resources to invest in a specialized international tourist ship port is important for the development of local and national cruise ships

Halong International Passenger Port

Halong International Passenger Port

On November 27, 2018, Ha Long International Passenger Ship Port officially came into operation, ending the status of international passenger ships in Ha Long Bay having to park far away and tourists increasing to the shore by tender and medium take time, both less secure than before. At the same time, opening a new phase in the development and exploitation of the “cake” of attractive cruise ships with Quang Ninh

Located on the left of the Hon Gai – Cai Lan fairway in Bai Chay ward, Halong, Halong international passenger ship port is invested and built by Ha Long Sun Co., Ltd. (Sun Group), designed to welcome ships with the largest load up to 225,000 GRT, with a total of up to 8,460 (including passengers, crew), serving 2 vessels at the same time.

The main items of the project include: berths, bridges, marinas, passenger terminals, public service houses of functional agencies. In which, the port of 406m in length includes 6 anchor posts; Reception hall 130m long, 30m wide. In particular, the station is 4,500 m2 wide, consists of 3 floors with a total area of 13,500 m2, designed by “magic hand” by Bill Bensley – top 5 leading architects in the world.

Halong International Passenger Port

Halong International Passenger Port

Starting from April 2017 with a total investment of nearly VND 1,100 billion, Sun Group has completed the historical work of Quang Ninh tourism after just over a year of construction. The success of Quang Ninh reflects the role and great imprint of the private sector in the development of tourism infrastructure, contributing to boosting Vietnam’s smokeless industry growth.

The “expensive” puzzle piece of Quang Ninh tourism

According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the world tourism development strategy by 2020 tends to thrive to the Far East, including Vietnam. Cruise tourism has a high turnover value, about 40% higher than the type of travel by air or by road. In addition, ships have the ability to advertise huge destinations with global marketing value. Because shipping lines have campaigns to promote destinations on travel routes in many countries. Another advantage of cruise travel is that tourists are often multinational and have a high income, so at each destination, there will be huge tours and shopping.

With Quang Ninh, possessing the natural wonders of Halong Bay, located in the favorable route of Asian shipping lines, this cruise has the basis to set high growth targets in the coming time. Especially when Halong international tourist ship port is forecasted to be quickly closed, welcome international 5-star trains to dock in 2019.

In addition to “carpeting” to welcome more high-class guests, tourism in Quang Ninh in general and Ha Long in particular also prepared for the revolution of tourism services to diversify experience, to meet the needs of all domestic and foreign tourists. Especially in Bai Chay area with the synchronous investment of Sun Group has formed vibrant tourist populations with international standards.

Sun World Halong Complex

Sun World Halong Complex

From the entertainment complex Sun World Halong Complex, Sun Carnival Plaza, to the coastal resort of Sun Premier Village Halong Bay and the commercial neighborhoods are underway … Sun Group has contributed to change the appearance of Quang Ninh smokeless industry with world-class entertainment and entertainment products.

Succeeding in selecting investors who are “mindful and qualified”, Quang Ninh tourism is facing a great opportunity to enter a new growth cycle, with great motivation from private economic resources.


Written by Tracy Nguyen

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