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Cuisine on Regal Cruise

Despite the varied landscape of Vietnam, all of the cuisine contains this brilliant balance of aromatics, heat, sweetness, sourness, and fish-sauciness. As with other Asian cuisines, it’s all about the yin and yang; the sweet and the salty, the cooling and the warming, the fresh and the fermented.

let’s discover our country culture by dishes on Regal Cruise

Tonkin restaurant

Locate in the second floor, front section, Tonkin restaurant is the main place that serve meals during the trip. Our sous Chef and his crew will introduce the typical Vietnamese cuisines. To get the meals on a ”floating hotel” among thousand islets and under blue sky or night time would be a never-forgotten memories for any tourist.

Our sous Chef is Mr Luan, he is senior member of Vietnam Chef club. During the carier, he archieves a lot of medal and certificates of Food competitions in Vietnam and abroad.

Fine dining and menu on board
welcome LUNCH

LOCAL SEAFOOD INSPIRATION                           


  1. Emperor Style  Seafood  Soup

Súp Hải Sản Quí Phi

  1. Vegetables And Beluga Caviar  Salad

Sa Lát Rau Xanh, Trứng Cá Tầm


  1. Deep Fried King Prawns

Tôm Chiên Hoàng bào

  1. Hue Royal Style Steamed Fish

Cá Hấp Cung Đình Huế

  1. Halong special minced Squid cake

Chả mực Hạ long


  1. Tropical Vegetables With Oyster  Sauce

Rau Nhiệt Đới Sốt Dầu Hào

  1. Fragrant Vietnamese steamed rice

Cơm Tám thơm 


  1. Fresh Fruit & Cream Cake

Tráng Miệng Hoa Quả Tươi Và Bánh Kem

first DINNER


  1. Pumkin soup fresh cream

Soup bí ngô và kem tươi

  1. Smoked Goose And Pomelo  Salad

Sa Lát Bưởi Và Ngỗng Xông Khói



  1. Cheese Stuffed Chichen  Roll-Ups  In Curry  Sauce

Gà cuộn phomai áp chảo sốt cà ri

  1. Oven – Baked lamp 

Thịt Cừu Bỏ Lò Với Hương Vị Tiêu Nấm

  1. Thăn Cá Hồi Cuộn Thịt Cua Với Sốt Bơ Chanh
    Crab Meat Stuffed  Salmon With Lemon  Butter  Sauce



  1. Fresh Fruit & Caramel

Tráng Miệng Caramen Và Hoa Quả Tươi

second DINNER


  1. Tomato Soup With Cheese Fruit

Súp Cà Chua Dạng Sợi Với Trái Pho Mát

  1. Green tropical Salad

Sa Lát Rau Xanh Và Trái Cây



  1. 3. Goose liver ‘’Foie Gras’’

Gan ngỗng vỗ béo kiểu Pháp

  1. 4. Fan – Fried Seabass Fish & Mushroom Sauce

Cá Chẽm sốt nấm

  1. Beef steak

Bò bít tết Ăn Kèm  Khoai Tây Và bánh mì



  1. Sweet Fruit Soup With Black Sticky  Rice Flavor

Tráng Miệng Chè Hoa Quả Hương Vị Nếp Cẩm

  1. Eggs, Butter, Cheese -Topped Grilled  Tomatoes

Trng , Bơ , Cà Chua Nướng Phô Mai

  1. Croissant

Bánh Sng Bò

  1. Bread

Bánh Mì Nướng

  1. Sausage, Bacon

Xúc Xích, Tht Hun Khói

  1. Yogurt, Cereals

Sa Chua, Ngũ Cc

  1. Fresh Orange Juice, Passion  Fruit Juice, Fresh  Milk, Tea, Coffee

Nước Cam Tươi, Nước Chanh Leo, Sa Tươi, Trà, Cà Phê

  1. Fresh Fruits

Hoa Qu Tươi

lunch on day cruise

Onion soup

Prawn cocktail
Deep-fried Vietnamese traditional spring roll
Grilled oyster with onion
Grilled prawn
Grilled pork rib in sauce
Steamed fragrant rice
Sautéed vegetable


farewell BUFFET brunch
  1. Cucumber & Tomato Salad

Sa Lát Cà Chua Và Dưa Chuột

  1. Tuna Pasta Salad

Salad Mì Ý Cá Ngừ

  1. Mixed Vegetable Salad With Garlic Dressing

Sa Lát Rau Trộn Và Nước Sốt Tỏi

  1. French Fries

Khoai Tây Chiên Bơ

  1. Oven – Baked Shrimp With Cheese

Mực bỏ lò phết phomai

  1. Pork chops

Sườn non

  1. Tofu With Savory Eggs & Carrots

Đậu Sốt Trứng Mặn Và Cà Rốt

  1. Beef Stew With Potatoes  & Carrots

Bò Hầm Khoai Tây, Cà Rốt

  1. Sauteed Chicken With Curry Sauce

Gà Áp Chảo Sốt Cà Ri

  1. Stir-Fried Noodles With Vegetables  & Mushrooms

Mì Xào Rau Và Nấm

  1. Fried Rice With Vegetables

Cơm rang dương châu

  1. Seasonal Fresh Fruits

Hoa Quả Tươi Theo Mùa

Bar 1 - The Sail bar

Locate inside the Tonkin restaurant, the Sail bar would love to serve all major drinks for journeys.

Open till 10.00PM, our bartender could entertain you all the time of evening.
The menu is variety with premium exported wines from Chile, France, Italia, Hungary, Austria…
Other option is seasonal glass of coctail or just some cold beer to enjoy the stunning sceneries of the wonder…

Bar 2- The Sunset bar

Located on the top floor with panoramic-open view, Regal Sunset bar is one of most ideal place to enjoy the sun down moment and tasting the typical drinks on board. Halong – Lan ha bay is one of top 20 most beautiful destination of Asia for sunset watching, voted by CNN in 2017.

we ensure this is one for most memorable moment of your vacation. This moment could awaken any hidden human sense.

let’s come to feeling!!!

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