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EXPLORING THE BEAUTY OF VIET NAM ON NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, DAILY DOZEN "Dawn in Mu Cang Chai" authored by Nguyen Ngoc Thien photographer, on the top 12 beautiful photos on March 15, National Geographic During a trip to Yen Bai, Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Thien (from Ho Chi Minh City) was impressed with the sunrise rays shining down on the terraced fields and the village of ethnic people living around the side of Mu Cang Chai Mountain. He recorded this moment; a photo posted on Your Shot by National Geographic and was voted on top of the Daily 12 images of Daily Dozen "I love the moment

"Travelling to forget the way back" at 5 famous night markets in Vietnam In addition to the famous tourist destinations, the shimmering night market is the destination that attracts many visitors. Let's discover 5 "attractive" night markets in Vietnam The night market is known as the place with exchange trading activities at night. However, in Vietnam the night market always brings special, where there are miniature paintings of local people, where the value of Vietnamese tourism is cultivated, and also the place to preserve the customs and culture in each region. Instead of lying in the hotel room in the evening whenever traveling, the night